Berlin Express

 Michael Austen

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As it usually happens, trains are not only a way of travelling. A lot of interesting can happen there. The twenty-year-old Japanese student has been travelling on his holiday alone. It is not very popular to travel on your own, but he had a reason. The student broke up with his girlfriend after six months in relationship. The girlfriend could not stand his love to the dog and left him. All their mutual friends supported her. The young man remained in loneliness. But later, sitting in the train he decided to leave all his problems in the past. These holidays would be the best in his life. And the fate gave him an opportunity to forget his misery. The student took the mobile phone of another passenger by mistake. He read some text messages. To his horror he understood that the phone owner was going to kill someone. Now the student wants to prevent such an awful crime. Certainly, if it is not a misunderstanding.