Bourne Ultimatum

 Robert Ludlum

3612    25    5    19    116     216

This is the most dynamic part of the trilogy about James Bourne – one of the best representatives of the spy thriller. After being identified and showing his supremacy, he came back to present his ultimatum. Bourne has been continuing to restore his memory. But he is still far from solving the mystery of his personality. The Interpol and the government agents are preventing him in this. But the main reason disturbing him is Marie. Marie, who believed in him. She was sure that he would change. Jason wants to put an end to the happening things in honor of his loved woman. That's way he is looking for those, who started everything. But he couldn't predict the past and the things that will happen in future.

 Tags:   filmed    suspicion    agents    government    fight    spy  

Hard words:

spaced, quieten, blamed, possessing, gesturing, mapped, nailed, spilling, lengthened, metropole, pretence, centering, dismissed, disbelieving, forming, redial, bush, blinded, betrayer, payphone, untraceable
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