Casino Royale

 Ian Fleming

5900    31    8    25    52     97

Soviet spy Le Chiffre loses a large part of the capital as a result of failed investments. To get the money back he organizes the tournament baccarat in a casino in Royal-les-Eaux. In order to destroy Le Chiffre, the British secret service sends his agent James Bond. At Royal-les-Eaux Bond meets his Rene Mathis, who introduces him to Vesper Lynd – the representative of the MI6 Treasury. During the game, Bond loses all his money, but with help of the CIA agent Felix Leiter, who borrowed him a large sum, he continues to play. At the end of the tournament Bond wins all the money of Le Chiffre. Together with Vesper he marks the victory of the restaurant. Suddenly Vesper is kidnapped and Bond is rushed to the chase.

 Tags:   filmed    agents    spy    fight    England  

Hard words:

queen, torturing, croupier, faintness, cheque, lord, baccarat, barman, expensively, bulgarian, coldness, shaving, goodnight, unscrew, speeding, invalid, roulette, whisky, hermit, moustache, char, concierge, regent, tortured, winnings, coolly, lying, toothbrush, ace.
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