Circle Games

 Brennan Frank

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When Caleb Tan was young, he was so quick that he could catch the flies with his hands. People called him 'Quick Man Tan'. Also he was the best fighter and dancer in his native Singapore. He was proud of himself and showed his skills to the tourists, who came to his café. Caleb Tan enjoyed telling boastful stories about his youth to the visitors. Some people laughed at him, but most of them treated Caleb decently. Now Caleb is seventy, he misses the past. His wife MayMay is sad about it. On Chinese New Year their café was full of the guests. MayMay and their son Henry were working hard in the kitchen. But Celeb was only interested in the ears of the listeners. In the middle of his story something happened. A tall and strange man tumbled into the café and started threatening the customers with a knife.