Cry, The Beloved Country

 Alan Paton

1576    28    3    16    105     199

Stephen Kumalo is a Reverend of a St Mark’s Church in a small remote village Ndotsheni of eastern South Africa. He lives alone and very poor live together with his wife. Most of his relatives as sister, brother and even son gone to Johannesburg by different reasons and never came back. The old Reverend missing his son, but no one sends letter from Johannesburg. Finally, one day such letter comes, but it is not from son or sister, it is from another Reverend who says that his sister Gertrude is very ill and that he has to come immediately. Stephen Kumalo decides to go not only for sister but also he hopes to find his son Absalom. The Revered has to take all his money that he has been saving over the years and his wife has to forget about promised oven. It is very hard road ahead and it is very big and unfriendly city where danger can wait behind every corner.

Hard words:

aside, avenue, beloved, bles bull, compas compound, da destruction, demonstrator, dwelling-place, farewell, forlorn, liquor, mission, policy, plo refor restore, shanty, shilling, structure, summit, township, tribe, wearily, welfare