Death in the Dojo

 Sue Leather

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Kate used to train in karate when she was young. She was very good at it. Her trainer was sensei named Kawaguchi. Now Kate is a news reporter on the Daily Echo, a national newspaper. Her boss Dave Balzano has a very bad temper. He becomes her nightmare. But still Kate is grateful to him. Dave Balzano ordered her to investigate Kawaguchi's murder. The reporter has to use all the possibilities to resolve the mysterious murder without a motive. Kate's friend from the police Jonty and old karate friends should help her with such a complicated and dangerous case. The next day after sensei's death, somebody kills one of the best Kawaguchi's pupils. There is some strong motive for both these murders. Suddenly Kate's father remembers one shocking story connected with Kawaguchi's daughter.

Hard words:

thirstily, dojo, kata, jewellery, raped, hitched, soba, lord, uninviting, tatami, bedcover, overused, avenging, plexus, origami, barman, barrister, enquiry, timed, screeching, practise, avenger, dominating, defence, judging, joker, playroom.