Death on Christmas Eve

 Stanley Ellin

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Boerum House is a big Victorian building. It used to be very impressing. If you took a look at it, it would take your breath away. But it is in the past. Nowadays Boerum House is dark, bleak and not well-groomed. You must not turn on the light there. Like master, like house, as they say. Let's look at its inhabitants. Celia and Charlie are a brother and a sister. They are having a difficult period in their lives and relationship. Charlie's wife tragically died on the Christmas Eve and he cannot cope with this grief. The widower thinks Celia killed his wife. He says his sister was jealous of her sister-in-law. The court absolutely acquitted her name, but her brother did not. He hates Celia and desires revenge. Charlie declares it openly.

Hard words:

incautious, narrowed, unfashionable, inquest, dampness, polishing, colorless, impressed, hypocrite, lying, overcoat, blindly, doorbell, threatening, wrinkled, connected, armchair, sane, bony, mourning, depressing, eyewitness, mustache, wrinkle, violently, cautiously, youthful, merry, whistle, victorian, amazed.