Death Wish

 Lawrence Block

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Edward Wright lost his wife. She died in an accident, falling down from the stairs. Edward seemed to be in a deep sorrow according to his behavior. He tried to jump from the bridge. One policeman stopped him and wrote down his name, appearance and suicidal thoughts. Later Ed visited a psychiatrist to talk about his dreams and how desperate he was. He even drank 20 sleeping pills but the doctor managed to pump the stomach and saved the patient. Edward bought a gun with the bullets using his driving license. At last but not at least he wrote a note saying that he couldn't go on any longer. The police will find him shot in the face. Using this evidence they will definitely decide that Ed had a strong wish of death. So Edward Wright shot himself after a few failed attempts of suicide. But… is it true?

Hard words:

pumped, grayness, glancing, footpath, shopkeeper, decreasing, doorbell, annoy, suicidal, satisfactory, bill, imitation, raised, fingerprint, probable, receipt, whistle, neatly, afterwards, wallet, downstairs, psychiatrist, fog, policeman, privately, beard, spare, pat, eyebrow.