Doctor No

 Ian Fleming

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This is the sixth and the most popular book from the series about British spy. Agent 007 appears in absolutely new view: like a simple man, who loves and can do his work well, with weaknesses and strengths. In the title of the book is hidden the name of the main villain and enemy of Bond - the mysterious Doctor, leading criminal activities. His purpose is keeping the whole world in his metal hands and he is ready to do everything for achievement of his aim. The events of this book take place in Jamaica. The spy John Strangways hasn't contact for reporting with British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) in usual time. But when his report has come, became obvious that something had happened. James Bond starts the investigation. It should be an easy mission for Bond, at least he thought it would be so...

 Tags:   filmed    spy    fight    adventure  

Hard words:

massaged, torturing, shanghai, harbour, rattled, gleaner, bush, spoonbill, paddling, roseate, bonito, getter, licence, guano, banknote, unbend, downwards, sunbeam, barracuda, taro, fitter, tarantula, electrified, skinned, practise, tapping, quay.
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