Ian Fleming

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James Bond, Agent 007 is sitting in a Miami airport and waiting for his flight home from his most recent assignment. When his plane was delayed for 48 hours, Bond accepted an offer from a wealthy acquaintance to investigate whether or not the man is being cheated at cards. The pay for this small service is 10,000 pounds. The man is playing cards with Auric Goldfinger, the wealthy owner of a metallurgical empire. Keeping careful watch on Goldfinger's hotel room, Bond has soon discovered the cheater's method and forces to give him all the money back. Returning to London, Bond had been assigned to investigate Goldfinger, who, in addition being a cheat is also the biggest gold-smuggler in England.

 Tags:   filmed    spy    fight  

Hard words:

passkey, jeweller, southeasterly, armour, transmitting, detected, canasta, plated, jewellery, agoraphobia, cheque, licence, glancing, typhoid, bullion, gander, cabana, spangled, downwards, hawker, humming, depository, mantelpiece, suntan, plating, sunbathe, cutlery, hungrily, signpost.
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