Le Morte D'arthur

 Sir Thomas Malory

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The deep and dark world of the European past you'll discover in this Celtic epos. It is the last work by Sir Thomas Malory, who created the cycle of novels about the King Arthur. The age of this novel is almost 700 years and the events described there, taking place in middle of I millennium AD. According to one version, 'Le Morte d'Arthur' is the first novel, created in prose. The narrative begins with the fact that King decided to make a peace with the Duke. They fought each other for many years. But unfortunately that didn't happened, because of a woman. Igraine was a wife of Duke. When the couple came to the King's palace, the King fell in love with Igraine. She loved her husband very much and persuaded him secretly leave the king's palace for saving her honour. Of course, this sharpened conflict even more.