Live And Let Die

 Ian Fleming

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The FBI, the CIA and MI6 suspect black gangster in cooperation with Soviet intelligence. Buonaparte Ignacia Gaul (BIG) was the former U.S. counterintelligence agent in France. Now he is the leader of a mafia clan in Harlem. He became a well-know gangster because of his cruelty. Many people work for him because of fear, so his spies are everywhere. Mr. Big finances his spy network by the treasures of the legendary pirate Henry Morgan, selling old coins from the found treasure. When coins appeared at the "black" market the investigation is began. James Bond is arrived to U.S. and realized that he would have a partner in this case, a FBI agent Felix Leiter whom he had met at Casino Royal earlier.

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Hard words:

blabbermouth, queen, harbour, boneyard, frogman, limpet, jewellery, knave, outwards, narrowed, hammerhead, easterly, capped, telepathic, butch, barracuda, lifer, washroom, trapdoor, timed, bay, federated, solitaire, harpoon, undertaker, shipper, causeway, switchboard, pelican.
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