Ride The Lightning

 John Lutz

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A gas chamber has been used for execution of the criminals for the last 25 years. Those criminals committed particularly serious crimes. Earlier the authorities used an electric chair in case of death penalty. Now the law returns the electric chair to the executive penal system. And the first criminal to be executed on it is Curtis Colt. As some people say, 'Ride the lightning'. Mr. Colt is accused of liquor store owner's murder. 3 witnesses and evidence prove that Curtis is guilty. He has nothing to do but wait for the day of his death. When Curtis has only one week left, his fiancee Ann Adams hires a private detective using a newspaper. This is detective Nudger. Ann tells him Curtis is innocent. She knows the real killer. But time is running out. Only a few day are left. Nudger finds new evidence that can help.

Hard words:

sleeved, clinking, chewed, randy, identifying, matched, whisky, identified, assumed, chewing, fiancee, shopkeeper, placid, jack, fiance, thoughtfully, annoy, managed, curly, eyewitness, wig, mustache, baked, wicked, nudge, puzzled, gunman.