Staying Together

 Judith Wilson

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Two stories are described in this book. They are completely different but their endings are very similar. The first story is about a girl named Ikuko. She is going to marry. She decides to go to England to improve her English. To her own surprise, she meets an African student Bernerd. Their friendship quickly developed into love. In spite of their feelings they have to overcome many difficulties to be together. The second story is about a girl Joyce and a guy Taka. They are totally different and have nothing in common. Joyce is a media scientist. She is very selfish. Taka doesn't like her. But he likes the way she works. Once Joyce steppes on a stonefish. Taka manages to save her life. They become closer. Joyce and Taka realize that there is much more common between them than they had thought before.

Hard words:

airmail, motorway, zambian, minibus, laying, humming, practise, undated, restlessly, ironing, moonlit, headband, gentleness, weightless, darkroom, chopsticks, supersonic, considerate, hostel, housework, shyly, micro, lying, snowfall, cooker, tombstone, scuba, diving, flowering.