Antoinette Moses

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The story from this book is familiar to everyone. You may have such a friend or a relative. Maybe it is you yourself. Those who do not appreciate what they have. The story tells about a young English girl. She is a freshman. Thanks to her father’s efforts, she is able to get higher education at the university. Her father started working at the age of sixteen and graduated from school only. He wants his daughter to graduate and have a better life. The whole book consists of e-mails. The reader will see the whole story through the eyes of a student. Many temptations faced by first-year students are waiting for the girl. Her choices determine her future. People always choose to sleep or to go to school, learn material or go to a party, work or go on a date. They decide whether making money themselves or asking their parents for help.

Hard words:

waitressing, oversleep, punctual, pathetically, bookshop, goodnight, impressed, ridiculously, gatekeeper, exhausting, unattractive, mummy, sarcastic, redundant, compulsory, lunchtime, urgently, sweetie, yawn, ringing, anyhow, managed, dissertation, dreadful, popcorn, refreshing, lighten, aged, awfully, packed, cinema.
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