The Client

 John Grisham

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It is the fourth book of a famous American writer John Grisham. A main character of this story is an eleven-year-old boy. Mark Sway lives with his mother and younger brother. His parents' divorce made him grow up too early. Mark took responsibility for his brother and taught him everything he knew. Cigarettes weren't an exception. One day, when they were sitting and smoking on the grass, they saw a car that pulled over not far from them. The driver tried to committed suicide using gas but the boys stopped him. This man grabbed Mark and pushed into his car. While they were sitting there, the driver told his saver everything. The stranger was a lawyer and worked for mafia. He had killed a politician and hidden the corpse. The lawyer explained to the boy in details where the body was. Then he shot himself. Mark got into a great trouble…

 Tags:   law    murder    government    teenager  

Hard words:

schoolbook, booked, lorry, worrier, bay, teal, rudely, whisky, lying, lunchtime, urgently, pleasantly, thoughtfully, willow
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