The Firm

 John Grisham

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The Harvard graduates are highly valued on the labor market. That is why an unknown law firm from Memphis is trying to outbid a young and perspective lawyer Mitchell Y. McDeeren. He has just graduated from Harvard. At first, Mitch was skeptical towards this offer. He had many possibilities including a job even in Wall-Street. Nevertheless, he accepted this proposal after having visited this firm. The work conditions were very attractive. Mitch started working for it. Soon it turned out that nobody had ever left this firm. Maybe because the firm persistently takes care of its employees. There were no troubles, but once FBI warns Mitch that this choice of work was very dangerous. The main character is going to face some serious questions. Will there be a possible way to get out and stay alive?

Hard words:

bugging, evilly, grandfatherly, tightened, emptied, tarry, guaranty, photocopier, photocopied, sandpiper, boatman, cutlas ford, brushy, lorry, washroo august, workroo judging, thoughtlescopier, photocopy, amp, unharmed, goodnight
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