The Man with the Golden Gun

 Ian Fleming

1791    15    6    19    74     153

For a long time, nobody has heard anything at all about the famous super spy James Bond, also known as the agent 007, officially listed as dead by the British Secret Intelligence Service. The last time he was seen alive one year ago, departing for an important mission to Japan. The Head of the Secret Service code-named M. ordered Bond to obtain intelligence on USSR operations. But something went wrong during that mission, and the agent had to face a dangerous criminal Blofeld in a fight. Bond won the fight but in the end mysteriously disappeared. All clues found later pointed to the possibility that the agent was killed. However, while the Secret Service mourned the hero's death, he was actually held prisoner by the Soviets at a secret research facility. His captors conducted mind control experiments on him, trying to turn the celebrated super spy into an obedient puppet.