The Marsh Kings Daughter

 Hans Christian Andersen

921    6    2    7    34

The storks tell their little ones many stories, and they are all about moors and reed banks, and suited to their age. The youngest of them are quite satisfied with “kribble, krabble,” or such nonsense, and think it great. But the elder ones want something with a deeper meaning, or at least something about their own family.
We know one of the longest and oldest stories which the storks tell. It has been repeated from mouth to mouth, from one stork-mother to another, for thousands of years. Each stork has told it better than the last. And now we plan to tell it better than all…

Hard words:

tapestry, cushion, pine-chip, croak, broad, sorcerer, contrary, lung, clang, cask, mead, soot, bard, refrain, proverb, pasture, wearisome, acacia, bloo crescent, glitter, mosque, minaret, locust, swallowing, quarrel, pecked, passionate, tulip, limb swallow, wisp, straw, snapped, pinch, deceitful, saddle, dwarf, webbed, toll, beckoned, roundabout, bramle, berrie somnambulist, stamped, blosso fan sprinkled, anthill, ladybird winged, magpie, cock, hasten, eyelid, sn foster-mother, finche partridge crane triangle, finche ibi stuffed, mane slender, verandah