The Mysterious Affair at Styles

 Agatha Christie

2476    18    11    18    89     218

This is first detective story about famous Hercule Poirot and his younger partner Arthur. Arthur Hastings came back from Great War. He was invited by his friend to live in a country house in Essex. The owner of that house was the friend’s stepmother. To Arthur’s surprise this seventy years old woman married to a man who was twenty years younger than her. The marriage was a few months ago. It turned out a big problem for his friend. His late father owned the house and now this husband could get the inheritance. The house was huge and a big family lived in it. All the family members hated stepmother’s husband. Arthur also disliked him. The family had many scandals and tried to warn mother that this gigolo would kill her in order to get her money…

Hard words:

remarried, ern, despatch, strychnine, unbolted, hullo,bolted, notepaper,cheque, marvellou shaming, possessed, favour, coot, gaslight, armband, unwillingly, inquest, mantelpiece, mace, posted, august,bromide, defence