The Runaway Jury

 John Grisham

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It was beginning an ordinary, as it seems at the first side process. The suit process had produced to the tobacco corporation by a widow of the average American who died of lung cancer. More than 50 such cases have been won by the defense. But the trouble is exactly this case gets a lot of publicity, it puts a lot at stake. If the protection is lose – the tobacco companies on the following day will receive millions of such suits. Because of the big bets this time the jury was selected very carefully, however, with the beginning of the case the jury is putted pressure from outside as inside. Different forces are trying to impose their verdict to a jury. In the midst of things, the defense manager received a call from a mysterious woman who was picking a great game.

 Tags:   law    court    suit  

Hard words:

allegiance, authorize, casino, chamber colonel, damage fax, foreman, goon, lawsuit, litigation, motel, nicotine, plaintiff, pledge punitive, estate, research, runaway, sca sequester, settle, share, sue, summon supervisor, testify, verdict
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