The Street Lawyer

 John Grisham

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A homeless tramp Devon Hardy is armed a pistol and wrapped with explosives has grabbed a hostage several employees of the respectable law firm "Drake End Sweeney." He arranged the hostages questioning, figuring out their income for the current year, and how much money they have given to the homeless. During the transfer of food for the hostages SWAT sniper has shot the homeless. The lawyer Michael Brock, who was among the hostages, decided to check man's charges that his firm turns out poor people on the streets. It would be a hard work that put his license in danger as well as his life. Michael will learn how poor people struggle with police, lawyers and government but in the end lost their homes. Lawyer who used to warm home, safe car and delicious meal would face a scaring world of homeless people.

 Tags:   filmed    law    court  

Hard words:

hector, ruby, photocopier, unpleasantly, coffeepot, ford, faxed, samaritan, copier, photocopy, poisoned, wrecked, goodnight, speeding, wired, filming, eviction, hare, squatter, nameles lying, unbelievably, snowstor fifteenth, unimportant, evict
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