This Time It's Personal

 Alan Battersby

1960    36    8    18    97     210

This is an American story about a private detective Nat Marley and his new case. The retelling is from the first person and the reader will see everything with the detective’s eyes. There was spring in New York. Only that working day turned out to be extraordinary. When Nat Marley came to the office, he saw his crying secretary. She obviously had a problem, which she had to share. Her brother Jose had got into a terrible situation. How did it happen? He was celebrating his new job together with his friends, as the secretary told Nat. And later the police found him unconscious with an injured head in a crashed car at night. Nobody knew the details, except Jose. But he lost his memory. The situation seemed quite clear to the detective: a Puerto Rican guy from a poor district, who had had problems with the police earlier, got into another scrape. But out of respect for his secretary, who he greatly valued, Nat Marley went to the hospital. Maybe this story was not so simple, as he thought?