Trumpet Voluntary

 Harmer Jeremy

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Derek Armstrong and his wife Malgosia are musicians. Derek plays the violin and Malgosia plays the trumpet. One day the cellist came back home after the rehearsal. His wife wasn't at home. There was a great mess in the house. There was an absolute silence. The man didn't find Malgosia's suitcases and clothes in the cupboard. Derek couldn't accept this situation. He thought she had been kidnapped or she had gone somewhere with the suitcases. He called her work and learned that she had left the band at the theatre. Her best friend also didn't know anything. Malgosia's parents lived in Poland and didn't speak English at all. Maybe her computer could give some information. And that was right. There was a message from someone named Tibor. He wrote Malgosia that he was waiting for her in Rio and she had to go there quickly.