Used In Evidence

 Frederick Forsyth

2026    5    21    10    13

In the 1970s, many new houses and apartments have been built in Dublin. In some parts of the city, the old houses were very bad. Dublin City Council had knocked down these bad homes and had built the new ones for the people who have been living in the old houses. The worst houses were in Mayo Road. These houses were more than a hundred years old. Rain came in through the roofs. The walls were damp. People did not want to live in these old buildings any more. The council had knocked down all the houses in Mayo Road – except one. One old man did not want to move out of his home. The council has sent him many letters, but he refused to leave. But why? The old man did not want to say anything...

 Tags:   short-story    thriller    mystery  

Hard words:

dozer, attache, mortuary, woolen, violet, tarmac, lying, mummy, workman, pathologist, bulldozer, foreman, chimney, bill, sergeant, muddy, seventeen, hammer, toast, cafe, deed, embassy, goodbye, damp, fireplace, egyptian, superintendent, jam
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