Hello, my name is Max and I am the founder of English-e-reader. I started to learn English in 2011 because I wanted to change my job and my life. The next year, after several months of hard work in studying grammar, I began to read graded books. I realized that it was not easy to find these books in the Internet in comfortable format for my e-book. Therefore, I decided to convert them in necessary format for my devices. I've changed my job, but then I had another purpose to go on - I had to improve my English skills so I continued to read. Soon I became the owner of a big collection of graded books in comfortable formats. I realized that I can share them and help the people who are learning English and cannot find graded ebooks.

This site can be useful for all who is studying, improving and even teaching English. This is a library, which consists a huge amount of English e-books, written in a simple English language. All of books are divided by levels from elementary to advanced, so you can choose a comfortable one for you and enjoy reading!