The Best e-Readers 2018

E-reading is getting more and more popular today. Some people quit using paper books, trying to save the trees; others want to have something lighter and smaller. E-readers are even safer for human eyes, because reader can adjust text size and almost very modern device has adjustable back-light. Electronic books are also economic: once you buy a gadget and then download novels much cheaper than paper ones. But which e-reader is better to use? Here is TOP 6 gadgets considered to be the best among the modern variants in 2018. We compared these models by the most important user's parameters:

E-reader Buttons Screen Price
PocketBook Basic Touch 4 6" $116.27
NOOK GlowLight 3 2 6" $119.99
Kindle Paperwhite 0 6" $129.99
Kobo Aura One 0 7.8" $217.79
Kindle Oasis 2 7" $279.99
Onyx Boox Nova 1 7.8" ?

Let's have a closer look at the readers' choice gadgets 2018.

PocketBook Basic Touch: reader with the widest range of book formats

New PocketBook is equipped with the capacitive multi-sensory screen that makes it much thinner than the previous models. Move comfortably around the menu and turn pages with four soft buttons under the screen. Screen of the e-reader has no backlight, so it is better to read by the bright light. One of the best benefits of this model is its software. Build-in library and dictionaries, apps like Calculator and RSS reader, mini games like Chess and Sudoku, but probably the most popular feature is Dropbox application that allows you to sync your library between all your devices: pc, phone and now your e-reader, Pocket Book.

4 GB of internal storage give space for thousands of books, and if it is not enough for you, use SD card to increase capacity of the gadget. The PocketBook has several vocabularies including Abbyy Lingvo. The item is comfortable and cheap, take it to the university instead of books, or put it into the purse and have a good book close in hand.

Pros Cons
  • cheap: from $26.99 on Amazon
  • integration with dropbox
  • multi-sensory screen
  • vast internal storage and memory card slot
  • hardware buttons
  • build-in vocabularies
  • no backlight
  • low screen resolution and ppi

Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight 3

This model has a few unique features that other e-readers don't have. The first one is smart hardware buttons. Nowadays more and more readers lack hardware buttons at all. But Nook GlowLight 3 not only has it, but it also has an additional double-tap action that does different behaviour according to opened file. For example, double-tap at e-book navigates to the next chapter, in newspaper - goes to another section, etc. Another unique feature is ability to set colour temperature of the back-light. Due to 7 white and 6 orange LEDs the user can set from warm candle-like light to bluish super white.

The closest rival for GlowLight 3 is Kindle Paperwhite 7th generation, because of the same price and similar features. Kindle model pros are: support of awz, mobi, doc formats, slightly smaller size and weight, better battery. Nook has better back-light, smart hardware buttons and almost twice bigger internal storage.

Pros Cons
  • affordable cost, from $119.99
  • adaptive back-light with temperature control
  • smart page-turning hardware buttons
  • handy interface
  • big local storage
  • good battery
  • few book formats support
  • no waterproof
  • audio-books are not supported

Kindle Paperwhite: the best price-quality ratio

Released in November 2018, the new generation of Paperwhite is the newest e-reader for today. Only $10 more than the previous model of Paperwhite, the new one gives twice bigger internal storage, audiobooks support and waterproofing(standard IPX8). Kindle Paperwhite is cheap and handy. With high screen resolution 1080x1440px, it has text quality similar to a real book. It is comfortable and safe for eyes. The text on a glare-free screen is perfectly sharp. Gadget has 8 GB of internal storage, enough to store about 2000 e-books This e-reader is perfect for language learning. Here you will find cards for memorizing words. Also there is a system of highlighting words that were previously highlighted by your friends, who also use Kindle-devices. It can also be just an application for reading. Like any registered at amazon kindle device, you can send any books in any format to your personal kindle email. It will be automatically converted to mobi if needed and send back to your e-reader.

The reader is quite small and comfortable to hold in hands. With dimensions 167x116x8.18mm it statys the smallest 6" e-reader that will fit even into a lady's purse. The battery works for about thirty hours without charge. Being cheaper more than twice from Oasis, the new Paperwhite has almost all the same features and becomes it's very good alternative.

Users consider Paperwhite to be the best e-reader for the price $129.99.

Pros Cons
  • affordable cost, from $129.99
  • very light weight
  • sharp screen
  • handy interface
  • cloud storage
  • Text-to-Speech
  • waterproof
  • audio-books support
  • no adaptive screen lightning

Kobo Aura One: the biggest screen

Kobo Aura One is a big model. It has one of the largest E-Ink screens among other Kobos with its 7.8". Such big screen requires bigger weight and dimensions than 6" and 7" e-readers, so to it's not so handy and much appropriate for home usage. Still 230g and 195x138mm it's less than any paper book. Aura has only the power button, - so touchscreen is the only way to move around the interface.

E-reader is waterproof - take it to the bathroom or beach, it will not get damaged. It can stay immersed for one hour without any harm. Control color temperature of the screen with the adaptive screen light: night mode makes it warmer. Read without eye strain in the dark or under the bright light. With maximum level of light it works approximately 10 hours in a row.

Pros Cons
  • big bright screen with resolution 1872x1404px
  • adaptive screen light
  • waterproof
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • price: from $230 to $280
  • lack of memory card slot

Kindle Oasis: the most progressive Kindle

In general, the new Kindle Oasis is similar to the previous model Paperwhite and includes its features but a bit larger with the better screen and the better backlight - it looks much whiter and brighter. E-reader has one frame wider than the other, so you hold it without touching the screen. There are two buttons to turn pages. The image rotates as you turn the reader. It will not stay upside down, as you change your hand.

Exclusive feature available only at this e-reader is waterproof (now available at the paperwhite 2018), it means you can use it on the beach or in the jacuzzi. Another unique feature is an attachable additional battery that looks like casual leather cover. It increases battery so much, that you should charge it once in a year if you a reading an hour per day.

Also, together with Onyx Book Nova and 10th generation of PaperWhite, Oasis has a feature that other cheaper devices lack - support of audio books via bluetooth. But be careful, you wouldn't be able to upload your mp3 audiobooks to Kindle and listen to them because e-reader support only protected audiobooks (Audioble AAX) bought from Amazon. But, thanks to Text-to-Speech feature you can listen to any text book.

Pros Cons
  • waterproof: model can stay under water up to 1 hour without harm
  • audible (using bluetooth headphones)
  • high screen quality and resolution: 1680x1264 pixels
  • handy: it fits even into the pocket
  • lightweight
  • high battery capacity
  • price: from $249.99 to $350 with special offers on Amazon;

Onyx Boox Nova: the most awaited gadget 2018

Nova is the first e-reader of Onyx with such a big screen. It is flat, bright and has high resolution 1872x1404px. However, it influenced dimensions of the gadget - it is bigger and heavier than its analogs with similar screen size.

All the books you like will find the place in 16 GB of internal storage. No much info about backlight is available for now, but it's know that it will be adaptive that makes it possible to read in sunlight or the dark without any manual adjusting. This model supports audiobooks, which allows you to listen to them through Bluetooth earphones.

Gadget has only one backup button. We still don't have the exact information about the date of Nova's release, so many details about this reader stay unknown as well. But we expect it to be the most awaited e-reader of 2018.

Pros Cons
  • big screen with high resolution
  • vast internal storage
  • ability to connect Bluetooth earphones
  • lack of information about the model
  • unknown date of the release
  • unknown price


Modern market offers a wide range of e-readers, so you will easily find the best model for yourself. Gadgets have either bigger or smaller screen, huge library of e-books and audiobooks, vocabularies and many other options for pleasant pass-time and studying. Choose your own from modern but pricy, or older but cheaper and reliable models. If you prefer online reading rather than downloading - many items have this option as well.

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