George Orwell

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The main character - Winston Smith - lives in London and works in the ministry of truth and is a member of the external party. He does not share the party slogans and ideology and has deep strongly doubts in the party and all the reality around him. To "let off steam" and does not imprudent act, he buys a diary in which he tries to express his peradventure. In public, he tries to pretend a supporter of party ideas. However, he fears that the girl Giulia, who is working in the same ministry, spying on him and wants to expose him. At the same time, he believes that a senior official of the Ministry, a member of the Inner Party O’Brien also does not share the views of the party and is a supplementary revolutionary.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1647 Total words: 18862

Hard words: telescreen, newspeak, prole, vaporized, sugarless, disbelieving, emotionless, stamping, hungrily, eurasian, uncovered, unclean, carpeted, stupidly, vaporize, schoolboy, betrayed, moustache, windowless, admiring, weakened, canteen, spoils, truthfully, lying, unattractive, brotherhood, organizing.