Great Britain flag icon  A Christmas Carol

 Charles Dickens

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Old, cruel and mean Ebenez Scrooge hates joy and festivities. Maybe he would never changes but once on Christmas Eve he had an unusual dream. During the night three ghosts have visited Ebenez at his dreams. The first one is a Ghost of Past Christmas that shows to old man his past, places where he was born and lived. Also Ebenez sees his parting with bride that was only his own fault. Ghost of present Christmas shows a hard life of his clerk Bob Cratchit who lives in poverty because of low salary that Scrooge pays to him. Also second ghost shows how Scrooge's nephew Fred celebrates the Christmas. Although uncle was very rude to him, Fred and his family cheers for Scrooge health. The last ghost, the ghost of coming Christmas shows the most evil things…

Hard words:

hallo, hurray, carol, favour, ding, humbug, miser, mistletoe, nightcap, knocker, fanny, gravestone, madam, trembling, phantom, rubbish, skating, fiancee, foggy, crutch, housekeeper, brandy, festive, ringing, digest, cripple, gravy, bob.