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 Brennan Frank

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Daniel Appleby rarely used to describe wines such words as: extraordinary, beautiful or wonderful. Now he is just examining a glass, inhaling the smell of the wine. A silent, nervous man is sitting next to him and waiting for his decision. His fate depends of it. If Daniel likes it, this wine will be sold by the largest supermarket chain in the city. It will be sold literally on every corner and it will be a very big success. The owner of the vineyard has been making wine all his life and earning on the sale. This vineyard is small, but it is one of the oldest in France. If the vine goes on sale - the family business will be saved. Daniel does not hurry anywhere. He tries to evaluate the smell and color, before sipping from this glass. He is the chief taster and the fate of every winemaker who wants to sell wine depends on his words.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 922 Total words: 4775

Hard words: honour, marvellous, aperitif, favour, spitting, practise, taster, burgundy, corkscrew, tasteless, matched, fruity, moustache, admiring, presenter, rubbish, spoonful, fleshy, judgement, mouthful, cork, veal, tasting, impatiently, disturbed, threatening, upwards, brandy, spotted, observed, vineyard.