Great Britain flag icon  A Gentle Touch

 Brennan Frank

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Jamie was surprised to feel that the touch of the needle was not painful, but soft and almost imperceptible. Two more needles pierced his left ear. The young man was sitting in the acupuncture office in a comfortable chair and looking out of the window while Mr. Lo was treating him. Jamie looked at the sunlight, the trees and the tourists who were leisurely strolling and buying snacks. The people were wearing bright summer T-shirts, not warm coats. Staring out the window was nice. Jamie did not regret going to Singapore. Previously, from the window of his office he could see only gray gloomy streets. He drank strong coffee and looked forward to the end of the next day. He also smoked a lot, and now he decided to quit. For this he needed the help of Mr. Lo. Life was changing for the better.

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Hard words: perfecting, acupressure, banyan, colourful, lorry, leafless, tai, providing, smartly, acupuncture, repeating, anti, smelly, disrespect, respectfully, tasting, itch, disturbed, further, upwards, lecturer, marking, backbone, managed, losing, elegance, intended, disgusting, wonderfully, performing.