Great Britain flag icon  A Good Marriage

 Stephen King

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'A Good Marriage' is a novel by Stephen King. It seems Darcy Anderson has a life one can only dream of. She has been happily married to Bob for 27 years. The couple runs a common business appraising and selling rare coins by mail delivery. After so many years of married life, you are sure that you know your spouse better than yourself. One day Bob is away on business. Darcy needs batteries. In their garage, the woman finds a pornographic magazine with sadomasochistic photographs among Bob's things. This confuses Darcy and makes her angry. Does she really know her own husband? The second finding is even worse. Some documents, hidden behind the baseboard, belong to a woman. This woman was the victim of a serial killer named 'Beadie'. Scary guesses are confirmed by Bob himself. What will be next? Is Darcy safe?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1507 Total words: 13797

Hard words: numismatist, stopping, evaluating, pushed, blamed, wondering, molested, blaming, liked, answered, questioned, moved, passed, supernaturally, struck, combed, staying, carried, worst, discovered, brushed, worked, slipped, applauded, picked, lit, kept, described, catching, allowed