Great Britain flag icon  A Little Pot of Honey

 Brennan Frank

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In 1901 foreign soldiers broke into the room of an old Chinese man. They took or broke everything they saw. However, the old man managed to hide a small pot of special honey. About one hundred years later a teenager named Jack Rawlins finds the pot in a small American town. He tastes the honey and becomes unbelievably strong. He can easily lift a car or tear a tree stump out of the ground. Unfortunately the strength lasts only for several minutes. Anyway Jack is happy. Now he can fight the local bully Rex Coulter. Jack challenges him to a wrestling match at the sports centre. But on his way there the boy sees a woman inside a burning car. She can't get out, as the door won't open. Jack eats all the honey and saves the woman. How will he fight Rex Coulter now?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 661 Total words: 3183

Hard words: shorty, footballer, petrol, whoo, repeating, fifteenth, tasting, bullying, losing, lifting, granddaughter, referee, boxer, martial, sunshine, bully, stump, emperor, blonde, wrestling, wrestle, rebellion, amazed, loudly, sadness, eighteen, grind, winning, sixteen.