Great Britain flag icon  A Matter of Chance

 David A. Hill

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What can be said about Jacky? The main character had been married to her for three years before a terrible incident happened. He has many memories about this woman. It looks like a whole collection of videos: Christmas holidays, holidays in Scotland, skiing together, a wedding, and their big beautiful house in Italy. Everything was many years ago. Now the main character is very old. He often recalls memories of the past. He often thinks what could have happened if the tile had not fallen on his wife's head many years ago. An accident that changed his whole life. If she only met a friend and lingered for a few minutes. If she went to another store. Any little thing would help avoid the tragedy. But it happened. The man had to live with this pain.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1617 Total words: 15948

Hard words: northwards, overtaking, moonrise, jewellery, colourful, motorway, signaling, ciao, provencal, slowing, lorry, windscreen, speedometer, pictured, august, petrol, lakeside, imagining, sideboard, croissant, furnished, goodnight, rolled, whisky, madam, chewing, airfare, hilly, queue, truthfully, playfully.