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 Frank Brennan

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The taxi driver noticed that the lady in the back seat was frowning from the unpleasant smell and clearly barely keeping her expensive lunch inside. The driver asked if she was all right. He explained that it was the smell of the sewerage. Many foreigners are unaccustomed to the fact that old lines have rotted long ago and the stench is breaking out onto the streets. The taxi driver was sorry for his passenger: the lady was not young, but she was still far from old age, with a beautiful face and dark hair. While he was closing the windows and turning on the air conditioner, he thought that many men would have decided that she was very attractive. He said that in the place they were going to there were no sewer lines and the lady had no need to worry.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 970 Total words: 5135

Hard words: excelsior, tapping, centered, imagining, starring, neckline, bubbling, sunburn, talker, rubbish, naughty, helplessly, decisively, tonic, idealistic, handbag, secretive, quartet, unpublished, iced, handshake, defeated, careless, annoy, unnoticed, gin, damned, aged, tasty, playful, unfinished.