Great Britain flag icon  A Passage to India

 E. M. Forster

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The book starts with the scene of three friends' meeting. Mahmoud Ali and Dr. Aziz came to their friend Hammidula to have dinner. While the servants were cooking and carrying meals - the friends were having a leisurely chat. They tried to decide whether it was possible to be friends with the Englishmen. After all, when an Englishman arrives in India, he only likes it for the first two years there. If an Englishwoman comes here, she is happy only for half a year. Aziz said that it made no sense to talk about them, because the only pleasant Englishwoman was the late Queen Victoria. When Aziz was driving through the streets, he was annoyed that they were named after famous Englishmen, but never after people from India. Although his friend objected and told him about some really affable English - Azziz was determined.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1873 Total words: 14991

Hard words: resented, begum, pursued, queen, torturing, detestation, purdah, palanquin, scandalized, honoring, milkmaid, murmured, averted, lord, enquire, possessed, impertinent, intersecting, favour, silenced, mispronounce, bannister, chanting, recalled, insolent, frankness, speciality, schoolmaster, pinkish, revolting, conquered.