Great Britain flag icon  About a Boy

 Nick Hornby

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Will’s life looks like a teenager’s dream. He doesn’t work. All days he spends with TV or has a fun with women or else. But suddenly his life has changed. He has discovered other people with their uneasy problems. Will doesn’t care about others, because he is an “island”. According to his philosophy all people are “islands” and they are separated and unrelated. But the boy Marcus has appeared in his life. First Marcus annoys him, but later he has become his friend. Will wants help Marcus to improve his life. But when you help others all your life will be able to get better. The boy helped Will to find true values and Will helped Marcus to survive at school, adapted to the difficult teenager’s life. This story is about an adult inside of a child and a child inside of an adult.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1488 Total words: 20187

Hard words: inventing, wishing, gameboy, tinned, footballer, lord, believing, pumped, worriedly, kicking, policewoman, invented, booked, tirednes introduced, arranged, imagining, keeping, unkind, godfather, upsetting, troublemaker, regent, disappearing, rubbish, screaming