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 F.H. Cornish

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This series of books is a collection of short stories. Each book tells about the life path of several people who once tangibly changed the whole world. They lived long ago, but even nowadays many of us hear about their great achievements. This book explores the most famous architects and artists in the history. It tells about such people who did more for art and science than any others. Here are the life stories of such outstanding people as Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Wren, Antoni Gaudi, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo - the only woman on this list. This book will reveal many interesting facts from the history of art and science and broaden your mind. These stories are definitely worth reading.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1638 Total words: 13239

Hard words: remarried, poliomyelitis, attended, surrounded, parents, sketched, catalonian, invaded, discussed, liked, surveying, moved, studying, ruled, colourful, worst, worked, cornet, produced, muralist, ermine, picked, kept, designed, colonia, designing, magi, allowed, rheumatic, marcel