Great Britain flag icon  Andrina

 Jennifer Bassett

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The Orkney Islands are wild, but very beautiful and picturesque places where cold northerly winds walk. They are located near the north of Scotland. Life in this place is difficult; it is hard to earn money on a piece of bread. Captain Thorvald returns to the Orkney Islands after long years of voyages. Thorvald has a past that he really wants to forget. Andrina often comes to him - she worries about this old man. The woman checks whether there is enough food and water in the house, and if it becomes too cold, she adds logs to the fire. Sometimes she fills a hot-water bottle with much boiling water and puts it in the captain's bed. Torvald is old and does not like to take care of himself. He believes that an experienced sailor does not need too much comfort.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 742 Total words: 3006

Hard words: greyness, postmistress, brightening, blueness, phew, toddy, shakily, fireside, airless, forgetfulness, postman, unopened, heartless, seaman, whisky, hateful, peat, lying, midsummer, sweetly, summertime, shameful, stirring, ghostly, beaten, blackness, managed, riches, sweetness, cupboard, crossroads.