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 Leo Tolstoy

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Anna Karenina is a pearl of Russian classic literature and one of the most popular book in the world. You will meet aristocratic and peasant life in Russian Empire of 19th century. There are a deep psychological and philosophy tragedy about passionate love of the married woman to the handsome officer, and a happy life of the gentry family. The story begins from the famous words by Lev Tolstoy ‘Happy families are all alike, but unhappy families are unhappy in their own unique ways.’ First unhappy family are the Oblonsky household. Stiva had an affair with the French tutor and his wife Dolly found out about it. Stiva’s sister Anna Karenina decided to visit them. She had to change the situation and affect the angry wife.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1205 Total words: 8751

Hard words: tutor, announce, quareel, leather, couch, robe, vanish, stab, charming, attracted, wardrobe, exclai mistres repulsive, ruin, sla mischievou wit, immediately, meantime, approach, wealthy, commotion, conductor, widow, respective, mood, eagerly, betray, sympathetically, steadily, laughter, admiringly, despair, torture