Great Britain flag icon  Anne of Green Gables

 Lucy Maud Montgomery

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This story is about a redhead girl Anne, who wants to find her own place in this life very much. She lost her parents in infancy and didn't know anything about love and care. Despite of orphanhood and loneliness, she did not lose her kindness and optimism. Accidently she settled at a house of a man and a woman who were brother and sister. They lived lonely at a village on an island of Prince Eduard and were looking for a young assistant who could help with their farm. They wanted to take a boy for a such job, but eventually they got the talking Anne. The girl is smart and lively, she wants to share her kindness with everybody. But deep inside she even doesn't like herself. She doesn't like her name, her pale face with freckles and red pigtails. Her employers, who became her new parents decided to take care about her. Anne is growing, but inside she is still staying childlike and the very direct.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 639 Total words: 7373

Hard words: queen, croup, undressed, unkind, brooch, housework, coldly, cordial, buggy, excitedly, thirsty, inviting, orphanage, dye, slate, orphan, listening, orchard, rude, bored, sadly, loudly