Great Britain flag icon  Arlo's War

 Frank Brennan

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The world of snakes is a quiet place. The world of this snake was a box with glass instead of one side. The food froze at the wall - it was a frightened rat. The snake looked at the food. Her fangs had enough poison to kill ten adult men. She was more than two meters long. The snake started eating, and Arlo was looking at her through the glass. The man has recently discovered that snakes are completely deaf. He admires these reptiles: their patterns on the skin, their swift movements and deafness. They have a well-developed sense of smell, and they can also see the heat generated by living bodies. The snakes live in a cozy world without annoying sounds. They have enough vision to be deadly and don't need to hear any sounds. Arlo would like to live in such a world too. He is jealous of snakes.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 970 Total words: 4841

Hard words: aeroplane, silenced, worrier, suntan, deafness, expressionless, speeding, businesslike, chewing, rattlesnake, featured, sadden, patterned, aw, disturbed, defeated, disgusted, beaten, cloudy, fuss, unreasonable, spacious, guided, damaging, annoying, boarding, indoors, fireworks, trained, briefcase, controlled.