Great Britain flag icon  Around the World in Eighty Days

 Jules Verne

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One of the most popular books for those, who loves adventure and travelling. A very rich and respectable English gentleman Phileas Fogg knew a lot about different countries. He hadn’t many friends and spent a lot of time in Reform Club playing cards and discussing news. Once Mr. Fogg made a bet, that he could go around the world in only 80 days. Issue price was twenty thousand pounds. So Mr.Fogg and his French manservant Passepartout started their adventure at the 2 October, 8.45 p.m. and should be back home on Saturday 21 December at eight forty-five. They had to cross France, Egypt, India, China, Japan and America. In the second half of the 19th century, it was unimaginable. This venture became more incredible, when after few days of Fogg’s departure, detective Fix accused him of robbing and bank a begun to chase Phileas.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1118 Total words: 8024

Hard words: insist, charity, loyal, circu wealthy, shipwreck, cheque, departure, identity, cart, rickshaw, curiou crowd, sacrifice, determined, departure, escape