Great Britain flag icon  Bad Company

 Richard MacAndrew

11996    88    60    43    38     77

The police officer Helen Shepherd woke up from a telephone call. A new sergeant was calling her with a message. They found a body of a young woman on the beach near the Grand Hotel. The officer arrived at the crime scene. She started teaching her new colleague how to collect all possible clues and question the witnesses. According to the expert's words, the woman was killed from a blow to the head by a blunt object several hours ago. First 24 hours are the most important for the police when they solve crimes. After this time, it is very difficult to learn the truth and find the murderer. The boss of the victim makes some clarity. They had dinner yesterday in the evening at the hotel restaurant. The boss noticed a strange man who left the restaurant after seeing the girl. The boss was very concerned. He did not want their company to appear in the news about their colleague's death.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 787 Total words: 8952

Hard words: questioningly, barman, constable, madam, raincoat, uncomfortably, seaside, receptionist, unanswered, cupboard, shepherd, blonde, sergeant, blouse, bacon, lounge, accountant, laptop, cafe, closing, shave, waiter, murderer, sixteen, autumn, sometime, headache, eleven, reception, envelope, detective.