Great Britain flag icon  Big Hair Day

 Margaret Johnson

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Sophia Reynolds comes to Norwich to be an extra in a film. She is going to be on a film set with a famous star Fabio Facelli. The girl is very fond of this actor. So she can't wait for working with him. However, she is almost late for the shooting. Sophia is delayed by a series of unusual events. First, she accidentally takes somebody else's bag instead of her own one. Then she meets a small boy who can't find his mother. Soon after that she becomes a witness of a fight. The girl goes to the police station. She meets a young policeman with beautiful eyes there. He helps her to solve everything. When Sophia finally arrives at the shooting scene, she doesn't look great. It has really been a bad hair day. Nevertheless, it brings positive changes into her life.

 Tags:   police  work  fight

Text Analysis: Unique words: 325 Total words: 3100

Hard words: stopping, cooper, motorbike, shouting, looking, mummy, jack, speaking, going, taking, windy, trousers, smiling, don, waiting, cafe, loudly, goodbye, crying, making, policeman, coming, fascinating, hers, excuse, park, fighting, chapter, exciting, net