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 Brennan Frank

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A small monkey named Max quickly and confidently put together a complex puzzle. A few more minutes - and it finished this work. All people, who were present in that room, saw a picture with the sunflowers of the world famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. A young woman in a white coat praised the monkey. Today, it took Max even less time than before to cope with a difficult task. The woman offered a big and tasty banana to the monkey. Max was happy and gladly accepted the treat. The woman's name was Gina. She was twenty-six years and close to obtaining a doctorate degree. While she was recording data, Max was playing with a Rubik's Cube. It really liked this puzzle. Max figured out the cube in less than five minutes.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 549 Total words: 2197

Hard words: narrowed, lazily, alarmed, welcoming, congratulations, annoy, losing, gin, aged, performing, spelling, raised, honesty, harmful, cube, cigar, excite, clever, honestly, soften, banana, disappointment, monkey, someday, pencil, expected, mathematics.