Great Britain flag icon  Brave New World

 Aldous Huxley

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It’s incredible and frightening book about the world of future. Author describes what can happen if our world society would develop as it does now. The all new world it’s just the one country where religion is consuming and the God – is Henry Ford. Children are not born by mothers now, they all are born from eggs at fertility centres. There are no families now, words as “mother” or “father” are now rude ones. All people at state of embryos already divided for five castes from Alpha to Gamma. Every caste has their life mission. For example, people from lower castes like Gamma are born for the most hard and dirty work. Also, they often work as servants of Alphas or Betas. This story is about an extraordinary man Bernard Marx, who decided to visit one of that small places where still no “civilization” and people live there like thousand years ago.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3112 Total words: 34265

Hard words: chamber, committee, compas contraceptive, convention, corporation, crematorui emnbryo, emerge, expose, fertilize, generation, hatch, iceberg, mask, mescal, motto, naked, obstacle, passion, phosphoru propaganda, research, sacrifice, savage, sterilization, submit, unity, virtue, whore