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 Brennan Frank

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All teenagers undergo certain changes. Darren is fourteen. Changes are normal for him. When Darren looks in the mirror, he expects to see a small moustache. But instead he sees whiskers of a rabbit. His smell has become more acute. Similar changes are observed in teenagers in the whole world. Some teens have long tails, others have webbed feet. They have developed special powers. Some kids can run like horses, others can see like a hunting bird. People believe the reason is the comet that has recently passed the Earth. The parents are worried, but the kids seem to enjoy their new abilities. Finally scientists find a cure. But the real question is: will the teenagers agree to lose their powers and return to the way they were?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 537 Total words: 2156

Hard words: hairbrush, webbed, chameleon, moustache, queue, eyesight, lying, mum, aw, affected, biscuit, comb, shocking, advertisement, shave, loudly, thirteen, fourteen, eighteen, downstairs, rising, excite, comet, shiny, developed, homework, fantastic, supermarket, unfair, nasty, rabbit.