Great Britain flag icon  Cinderella Man

 Marc Cerasini

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It is the legendary biography, which can inspire you for achievements and give you a confidence in yourself. This book is about a unique man - James Braddock. His life costs not only a film, but also a book. He was an obstinate man and always achieved his ends. James Braddock was imposed to retire from the box sport after breaking his hand in the contest. It was a hard time for the USA, the time of the Great Depression. The former sportsman did any job he could found. He also had a family, a wife and two children who had to be fed. Braddock dreamt about his returning to sport and regaining his glory and his dignity. Finally, he took the great opportunity and mounted the ring for obtaining the world title.

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Hard words:

positioned, dodging, delivered, circled, squeezed, punched, believing, emptied, protecting, uneaten, primo, examined, narrowed, silenced, squeezing, goer, punching, fitter, supported, deserved, timed, backhand, joining, introduced