Great Britain flag icon  Crime and Punishment

 Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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It is one of the most difficult works in the creativity activity of the writer and in Russian classical literature. It was the period of the 60's years of the XIX century, when many theories were created. The main point of these theories was a person opposed to the outside world. He was in search of his "I" and as a result, could rise above the society. People started moving away from God and finding explanations for the most terrible crimes on Earth. The main character is one of them. The young student Rodion Raskolnikov commits a crime. He kills an old woman. He does it not because he is poor and cannot pay for his education or flat. He does it to prove himself that he has the right to commit such acts. But all the acts have their consequences.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3756 Total words: 34045

Hard words: recollected, queernes reveller, prepossessing, pursued, pacing, attained, uttering, wringing, balalaika, superstitiously, fumbled, matured, hideousnes smearing, redoubled, torturing, hemmed, womanish, wantonnes glassful, poppet, skirted, sparing, heedlessnes recounted, sacrificing, bawling, recalling, dreamines slyness